• Tenna Doktor Olsen Tvedebrink & Tina Vestermann Olsen
  • “The most wonderful thing we can experience is the sense of mystery. It is a source of all true art and of all science. Whosoever has never felt this emotion, who no longer knows how to stop and meditate and remain transfixed in fearful admiration, is like a dead person.” Albert Einstein

  • Maike Statz
  • “I find myself returning to the appeal of in-between spaces, thresholds and envelopes, of movement, departing and arriving, and dynamic errors with spatial implications such as leaning, slipping, disorientating, deviating, and blurring. These are characteristics tied to queerness which complicate binary notions such as inside-outside, self-other, the familiar-the strange.”
    Extract from Rainbow Palace (2022) p.12, informed by thoughts from Legacy Russell, Glitch Feminism (2020) and Fanny Söderbäck, Liminal Spaces: Reflections on the In-Between (2017).

  • Anna Livia Vørsel
  • “For there is no peril greater than the sea. Everything is constantly moving and remains eternally in flux.” Luce Irigaray, Marine Lover of Friedrich Nietzsche, (New York: Columbia University Press, 1991).

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