• Alex Arteaga
  • ‘I mean the important distinction between the environment of the living system as it appears to an observer and without reference to the autonomous unit — which we shall call hereafter simply the environment — and the environment for the system which is defined in the same movement that gave rise to its identity and that only exist in that mutual definition — hereinafter the system’s world. The difference between environment and world is the surplus of signification which haunts the understanding of the living and of cognition.’

    (Francisco Varela, Organism: a Meshwork of Selfless Selves, 1991)

  • Simon Morris, Gill Partington & Adam Smyth (editors)
  • ‘Inscription and notation – making marks, lines, notes, images – are the foundation of human communication. This is the first journal to make these forms and processes its main area of inquiry. With an internationally distinguished Advisory Board and a diverse community of participating scholars and practitioners, Inscription is poised to create a vital niche within current discussions around media and information.’ – Johanna Drucker, Breslauer Professor of Bibliographical Studies and Distinguished Professor, Information Studies, UCLA

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