Urban, ambient, text, surface, signal, noise

workshop, architectural education, site stories, translation, drawing, animation

queering architecture, queer space, domesticity, feminist science fiction, assemblage

acanthus, poetry, edges, oblique

Visit, encounter, place, lingering, iteration, estrangement, poetry

interdependence, co-constitution, healing, reparative, regenerative, intradisciplinary

War, Scar, Absence, Season, Materiality

spatiality, performance, body, dust, perception

homing, walking, grief, flight, more-than-human.

Charlotte A Morgan

Crows, Pandemic, Roadkill, Epistolary, Corvine Situationists, Hominids

Four-Second Decay

aesthetics, observation, apparatus, environment, destabilization, transformation

Auto-theory, one child policy, positionality, performativity, self-reflexivity

Technology, video, start-up, industrial space, renewal

architecture, autotheory, photography, writing, temporality, memory

Material text, artists’ book, cross-disciplinary, trans-historical, academic journal, exhibition space.

Plant, non-human, body, home, sewing, language

Honor Vincent

Homeless, race, Black Radicalism, poetics, housing, Anthropocene.

Elliot C. Mason

Silence, Site, Autofiction, Gaps, Bodies, Institutions

Interiors, Ethnography, Storytelling, Collecting

Edward Hollis & Rita Alaoui

Situated Writing, Diffractive Writing, Untimely Academic Novella, Narrative Life Writing Genres, Textual/Visual Methodology, Art-Based Practice.

collage, company, compose

moving-image, word-image, painting, Kate Walters, islands, Luce Irigaray

Non-aligned movement, Post-gravity art, Architecture, Auto-theory, Oral history, Yugoslavia

Domesticity, memory, drawing, representation, atlas

Hotel, Script, Interior, Memory, Stage Directions, Dialogue

Phenomenology; emotions; grief; spatial typology

Max Olof Carlsson Wisotsky

Ireland, Financial crisis, Social housing, Neoliberal, Policy, Memoir

Maria McLintock

Displacement, cultural heritage, national identity, freedom of movement

Boundaries, Nation States, Riddles, Governance, Seas, Waters

architecture, archaeology, mapping, stratigraphy, interdisciplinarity, undisciplined

Performance, Site-specificity, Chorography, Contemporary archaeology

Cut-up, Conceptual writing, Copying, Conceptual Art, Thinkership, Learn to Read Differently

balcony, threshold, public/private, identity, distortion, mafia

History, British Museum, Taylor Prism, Iraq, Bush, ISIS

Carl Jung, The Red-Book, Meta-critique, Meta-narrative, Epistolary

Language/s, cartography, borders, relations, porosity

index, Manchester, archives, heritage, significance

Psychogeography, Navigating, Walking, Spatial narrative, Experience

Elita Nuraeny

Fiction, land reclamation, landscape, national identity, Singapore, modernity

Brexit, quilts, textiles, museum, place, belonging

art, minimalism, feminist, other, split, subjectivity

Fiction, feminist, social, critical-creative, subjectivity, voice

accumulation, early capitalism, landscape, marronage, racialised labour, resistance.

London, Underground, Tube, Fiction, History, Theory

Transcoding / Literary Traces / Punctuation / Textual Infrastructure / Language-game

Critical reading, narrative, fragments, migration, diagrams

Obscenity of language, Ecstasy of communication, Infrathin, Conceptual writing, Reading as art, Erasure

Archive, cyanotype, green space, Peterborough, redevelopment, resistance

Architectural History, Christian Norberg-Schulz, Filmmaking, Essay film, Installation, Trondheim, Norway

drawing, subjectivity, tactics, Turkish migrants, walking

Land-use, Reserve, Thicket, Gathering grounds, Freewarren, ‘we’

fictiōnella, fictiōneering, speculative eventing, erratic ecologies, writing-with, collaboration

Betrayal, Performing book

observation, Antarctica, climate change, archives

Extraction, Regeneration, Monuments, Utopia, Ruin, Modernity

Queer, Poetry, Voice, Feminist, Women, Anarchist

Art, Architecture, Writing, Wall, Rembrandt.

Falling, Conversation-as-material, Collaboration, Writing-without-writing, Kairotic writing, Subjectivity

Emma Cocker & Clare Thornton

Performance, Design method, Metaphor, Architect, Aleatory

Architectural experience, Urban literacy, Atmosphere, Architectural imagination, Poetic writing, Writingplace

Tafuri, Criticism, Iconography, Publishing

Nomadic thinking, hunters-gatherers, lines of flight, trauma, plasticity, the desert.

Critical play, Railings, Public space, Interaction, Participation

Catalina Pollak Williamson / Public Interventions

Ella Finer, sound installation, site-responsive, echo, constellation, brick

Species, Spaces, Site-writing, Performative writing


Poetry, landscape, stories, renga

Object, Museum, Storytelling, Collection, Fiction

Situated poetry, Site-writing, Sephardim, Ladino

David Roberts

Materiality, Difference, Differencing, Subjectivity, Process, Working-through.

Critical spatial practice, Tactical, Borrowing, Gently disruptive

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