• Penny Florence
  • ‘An island is not the opposite of the mainland; it’s as connected as all parts of the earth are. It’s just that we can’t see it under the waters, nor can we see that the waters are what define all life.’ (from Island Bodies, my short essay on the works that inspired the film. See

  • Jessie Brennan
  • ‘It seems almost absurd – probably bordering on obscene – that there might be a blueprint in an air-conditioned sterile office somewhere for some flats […] as an alternative use for this site.’ Rich Hill, trustee of The Green Backyard (1)

    ‘If this was to be lost […] it would be a complete abomination to this city to have lost such a precious resistance where we don’t have to live life always being dominated by money.’
    Chris Erskine, volunteer at The Green Backyar (2)

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