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Solar Trajectories
Pin-hole images by Maryjane Orley & Martin Purvis.

A series of pin-hole photographs created over 6 and 12 month periods (solstice to solstice) in 2017 and 2018.  Made in empty beer cans placed around the site of old Northbrook Nursery in the north of Guernsey, the images trace the movement of the sun across the skyline.


Maryjane Orley is an interdisciplinary artist whose work involves drawing, print-making, conceptual sculpture, and installation. Over the last eight years, she has been exploring ways of defining and realising notions of emptiness and erosion and their potential for regeneration.

Reading Writing Quarterly celebrates reading and writing as situated practice, releasing a special pair of seasonal reviews four times a year.

Each solstice and equinox I am inviting two writers to swap recently completed works (likely to be published books, but not only) and to provide a situated ‘review’ of the other’s work. This might involve raising a shared issue/concern, connecting out to another work/text/set of ideas, and/or producing a creative response to an aspect of the writing which might be fictional, prose, visual, sonic, filmic … My hope is that we can find a different way of ‘reading writing’ that generates closer engagement with the written works and books in our field, but also explores the practice of ‘reviewing’ from a situated perspective, critiquing and experimenting with the genre of the ‘critical review essay’.

Here is the first contribution from 21 December 2019, where Mona Livholts reads Hélène Frichot and Hélène Frichot reads Mona Livholts.

21 March 2020 sees the launch of the second, where Katja Hilevaara & Emily Orley (read Mohamad Hafeda) and Mohamad Hafeda (reads Katja Hilevaara & Emily Orley).

Already we can see the impact of the current situation on the readers’ readings and writings – writing in a time of university strikes in the UK and the impact of COVID19. Take care everyone – of (y)ourselves and all (y)our vulnerable ones!

If you have a written work that you’ve just completed, and someone you’d like to read it, please let me know –

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